China is facing an explosion of Covid cases, especially among the elderly. Officially, 7 people have died since health restrictions were lifted 15 days ago.
In Shanghai, China, dozens of patients, many of them elderly, are lined up in the hallways because of lack of space. All are connected to a bottle. The patients arrive en masse and have difficulty being treated because of a lack of medicines. After the revolt of the population, the government put an end to its zero Covid policy.

37 million people infected in one day
Dr. Zhang Weilong, a doctor at the Shanghai Fever Clinic, is caught off guard by this 180-degree turn. “For the past week, we have been receiving 180 patients with fever every day. Before, we had only seven or eight,” he says. Gone are the quarantines and the systematic tests to be treated. In Beijing (China), confinements are no longer mandatory and yet the shops are empty. For the most part, the inhabitants are sick. In a single day, 37 million people would have been contaminated, according to the health authorities.