Already more than 6.7 million Twitter users have voted in a poll on the reinstatement of former US President Donald Trump’s account on the platform. More than 50 percent of them were in favor.

Trump’s account was first suspended and then removed from Twitter and other social networks after he was accused of inciting supporters to invade the Capitol on January 6. This happened at a time when the US Congress was approving the presidential election victory of his rival, Joe Biden.

Trump had nearly 89 million followers on Twitter. He was also accused of notoriously spreading false information.

Twitter has already reinstated several controversial accounts that had been terminated or suspended. These include satirical website Babylon Bee and comedian Kathy Griffin.

According to the AP, as of Friday evening local time, 59.6 percent of the nearly 2 million existing participants in the poll favored the former president’s return to Twitter. As of Saturday morning, the number of votes cast is now 6.7 million, with 53.9 percent in favor.

Musk suggested on Friday that he had not yet decided whether to bring Trump back to Twitter. There’s no guarantee that the multimillionaire will bow to the choice of Internet users, but in response to the poll he invoked a Latin maxim, suggesting that the decision will be up to the people: “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (“The voice of the people is the voice of God”), AFP noted.

As it added, Trump argued that he will not return to Twitter. He is to remain on his own Truth Social platform. It was launched after his exclusion from Twitter.